Animerica Magazine July 1996 Volume 4, Issue 7

Leiji Matsumoto time. Galaxy Express 999 is on the cover for the July issue. Had not idea that VIZ released this on VHS. I scanned this helpful Leijiuniverse chart to that connects Captain Harlock to everything. It reminds me of a NYC subway map.

Pioneer’s first ad for the  Tenchi Muyo In Love ad – Christopher Franke is highlighted as doing the music for the movie. I’m still a huge Babylon 5 fan so I know who Christopher Franke is. I purchased the Babylon 5 soundtracks.  The ad does a terrible job on selling the show “1970s-Retro-Tokyo-Action-Sci-Fi”

Speaking of a bad ad, check out the choice of art for CPM’s Battle Skipper. YEASH. Talk about generic sci-fi. The eyes of each character are closer to their ears than their nose – just freaky. This ad also has the first retailer callout of Saturday Matinee.

The Anime Nation section was worth scanning because it’s singling out a cosplay skit titled “The Great Dragon Ball Skit” It’s a fun and shows the passion behind creating and performing a skit.  I did a Google search and found that one of the members of the skit posted in 2004 more details in on LiveJournal. Here’s the link.

The A.D. Vision ad this month only covers 4 titles. This is the first appearance of Goldenboy. What a fun series.

Best of the East section reports the new series called “Escaflowne”  Still one of my most favorite anime series.

It’s still the mid 90’s so what’s a collectible item in this era? Phonecards!  I totally forgot about phone cards. You could get phone cards for Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis and AD Police.

I posted the convention calendar for Fall 96 as well as this month’s anime fan art. My favorite is Sailor Moon with Luna kissing Artemis.

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  1. June 24, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    I have this issue & I went to Otakon back in 1996. Now I’m all nostalgic. ;_;

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