Animerica Irresponsible Captain Tylor March 1999 Issue

Animerica-captain-tylorIrresponsible Captain Tylor is one of the shows where I have purchased the series years ago, but have yet to watch it. I know this to be the old school favorite of older fans, but I don’t hear the praises of this title much these days. Maybe some of the old fans suggest this to a new crowd or show it at their regional anime convention/club.

Highlights for this issue:

  • I scanned the entire 7 page feature on Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Perhaps this will get people interested into watching the series. (That’s my intention with scanning these features)
  • This issue had a lot of ads of anime shows that time and fandom have forgotten. Let us go through the list: Panzer Dragon, Ushio and Tora, Ninja Resurrection (a title just similar looking enough to Ninja Scroll-but not related), Ninja Cadets, Eat-Man, Agent Aika, Battle Athletes V, and Haunted Junction. I predict in one year’s time of writing this article, Discotek will have licensed rescued at least one of these titles.
  • The next two pages have a rather peculiar layout. Half of each page is a Chroma-Cel by Ani-Magine anime “cel” print, and the rest is a review of Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and a review of the Cowboy Bebop “No Disc” soundtrack album.
  • Make certain you read Patrick Macias’ review of Macross “Do You Remember Love” English VHS release. The English dub was done internationally in Hong Kong. Want to listen to this dub? User TheFuzyKing has it up on Youtube. Here is the embed to watch:

  • The anime fan art gallery is all younger kids including a 3 year-old. How cute.
  • And for something completely different, read Urian Brown’s review of Grave of Fireflies on DVD.
  • I scanned the convention calendar so you could see all the upcoming anime conventions in 1999. Baka-Con would later be renamed to Sakura-Con.

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agent-aikaanimerica-fan-art-galleryAnimessages-Anime-convention-calendar-1999 battle-athletes-v

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  1 comment for “Animerica Irresponsible Captain Tylor March 1999 Issue

  1. Nash
    December 4, 2013 at 3:12 am

    Pretty ok show. While most of it is just that, it does have a very memorable scene towards the end. I won’t ruin it if you haven’t seen it, and hopefully that’s enough to get you there. Cheers

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